Kök Böru



more Kyrgyz

[40%, sampled in Kyrgyzstan]

This one is called Көк Бөру – Kök Böru vodka (or Kok Boru if you want). It’s from Kyrgyzstan (like the few others before it), and it has a specific Kyrgyz letter in its name: the “ө” is usually transliterated as “ö”. Awesöme!

more drinking with Hide

I found this bottle in a tiny shop in the village of Tamga on the shores of Issyk-kul, and I shared it with my Japanese friend Hide. He was the same guy who had previously finished the bottle of Kara Jorgo with me.

Those were days of quiet happiness. During the day, I would go out and take photographs of the lake and the mountains. Hide would go running or play the flute. At night, we would get together in the guesthouse, share some good food and some (more or less) good drinks, and listen to classical music.

Kök Böru is bland

About Kök Böru, though: it was certainly not expensive – 150 Som for 500ml, making it less than 4€/700ml. So that was good. I thought the bottle design was tolerable at best.

The taste okayish. It wasn’t overly rough and maybe even a bit sweet. But there wasn’t much in terms of an aftertaste. It was just alcohol.


Kök Böru wasn’t a terrible vodka. The way to drink it was to chill it and have it in a mixed drink and be fine with it.

But drinking it neat and at room temperature made me feel as though the most special thing about this vodka was its name, because it had those nice “ө” thingies in it.

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