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Something new for the repertoire: Koskenkorva vodka, a Finnish brand. And what an awesome one! But is it really vodka, or is it something completely different? I am told that the Finns only call this liquor a vodka out of laziness. Could that be true?

Here is something else from the North: Koskenkorva vodka

I thought vodka brands from the North were all the same: strong quality, good in drinks, nothing exceptional. That seemed to be the rule to go by. So when I got this Finnish vodka, I didn’t think much of it. Maybe another candidate for the old vodka-orange classic, I figured. But I was wrong.

This one was sooo smooth (10/10), and it had an aftertaste almost like Russian Standard (9/10)! The bottle design reminded me of Kalashnikov (9/10), and even the price was okay too (16€/700ml: 7/10).

I will finish this post with the only Finnish words (I think) I know:

“Se on menolippu kun verenpaine tippuu.” I think they mean something like: “I will die of high blood pressure” – and they are from a song by the Finnish band Eläkeläiset, whom I highly suspect of having that good Koskenkorva every day.

And rightly so!

Overall rating: 8.75

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