is this even vodka?

[40%, sampled in Germany]

Here’s something new for the repertoire: Koskenkorva vodka, a Finnish brand. And what an awesome one! But I’m confused about one thing: is this really vodka? I’m told that the Finns call it a brandy, and that they only market it as a vodka abroad.

I tried to look it up online, and what I found was this: it’s made from barley, it gets filtered 200 times (sic), and the final drink is produced by adding water and a bit of sugar. A vodka alright.

more from the north

Before trying Koskenkorva, I thought vodka brands from the north were basically all the same: solid in quality, good to use in drinks, nothing exceptional. So when I got this one, I didn’t think much of it. Maybe another candidate for the old vodka-orange classic, I figured. But I was wrong.

Koskenkorva rocks

First things first: it tastes like vodka. And it’s smooth, I mean sooo smooth. Goes down like cool water. The aftertaste is balmy, reminding me a bit of Russian Standard.

I liked the bottle design as well. It seemed to resemble the Kalashnikov design (though I hear they recently gave it a more retro look), and the price was okay, too (16€/700ml).

I will finish this post with the only Finnish words I know:

“Se on menolippu kun verenpaine tippuu.”

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