Kristall White



why so terrible?

[40%, sampled in Kazakhstan]

May 2017. I could have been out walking, but I had a day off in Almaty. So I went and got myself four bottles of vodka. Four, because liquor was generally very affordable in this part of the world, and four, because I wanted to compare the different brands to each other.

I thought I was being very professional.

too much V

When I got to my hotel room, however, I felt a bit self-conscious. Of course I wasn’t going to finish all four bottles. But still, my plan suddenly seemed a bit preposterous and pathetic to me. Preposterous to want to drink so much vodka. Pathetic to want to do it alone.

But the wheels had been set in motion. So I sat down, poured a glass from the first bottle, which was called Kristall White (Кристалл Водка White), and took a sip.

Kristall White’s smell gives it away

The smell should have been a warning. It was intense, which is never a good sign when it comes to vodka. If your nose burns from smelling the stuff, then don’t bother drinking it.

But since I was in it for the testing game, I drank it anyway. It turned out that Kristall White burned viciously, all the way down. I can’t really tell you anything about it except that it was a very bad taste. And the aftertaste was somehow even worse, because it, too, somehow ended up burning.

nice bottle, though

Now the price was awesome of course. I paid 896 Tenge for 0,5 liters of this stuff, which translates to about 4,50€ for 700ml.

And I liked the bottle design. Not so much the golden details on the labels, but the bottle itself – the lines and the white misting effect towards the bottom. This was a nice bottle that only disappointed the moment you found out that Kristall White was in it.

My advice: don’t buy this vodka.

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