Kyrgyz Aragy



Kyrgyz top shelf

[40%, sampled in Kyrgyzstan]

Here we have Кыргыз Арагы – Kyrgyz Aragy vodka. This is the first upper segment vodka that I’ve tried in the beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan.

a drinking night

It was part of a long evening, or rather: a night of drinking in the valley of Jeti Oguz on the shores of Issy-kul. I had originally planned for it to be a sort of “one-bottle-evening”, and an exquisite brand like Kyrgyz Aragy seemed just right for that purpose.

So I sat down with a German couple I had met somewhere on the road. We got some food. We got some shot glasses. We poured our vodka. Some other people joined in. More vodka appeared. And everything went downhill from there.

Kyrgyz Aragy is the bomb

About Kyrgyz Aragy, though: this stuff tastes very, very good. It’s a bit sweet and very mild, and it went down almost as softly as spring water. The aftertaste had an aromatic richness that I really liked, something reminding me of caramel. Awesome stuff.

Like I’ve said before, Kyrgyz Aragy is a Kyrgyz top shelf brand. Does that mean it’s expensive, though? No. I paid around 300 Som for 700ml (about 4€). Oh, and the bottle design seemed appealing to me.

the morning after

When I woke up the next morning, the baseball cap I had been wearing was gone. I found it outside hanging from a fence. It was torn in the middle, apparently some dogs had been playing with it.

I put the broken cap on my skull. It didn’t fit anymore, but that didn’t matter. The inside of my head felt as if my brain was wrapped in cotton. Then I noticed something in  the back pocket of my pants: there was a little piece of paper. I unfolded it and found my notes on Kyrgyz Aragy.

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  1. Hello! I’ve been looking for this vodka for a really long time. Is there a possibility of you buying it for me and sending? I’ll pay for everything!


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