Ladoga Hlebnaya



my teacher’s verdict

[40%, sampled in Germany]

I tried a promising vodka from Russia today: Ладога Хлебная – Ladoga Hlebnaya vodka …actually my head is still a bit dizzy from it.

It had been a pretty good day: first I managed to get some books from the library, then I wrote more words in two hours than I had written in the whole day before that. After that I had dinner with some people from my Russian class.

what he said

I asked my teacher about this vodka called Ladoga Hlebnaya, which I had brought to dinner. Хлеб means “bread”, and on the bottle it says that this is an exceptional vodka. Okay, but then aren’t all vodka brands exceptional in their own way?

My teacher looked at the bottle, had a shot, thought for a while and then said something. His verdict was very interesting:

“On a scale from zero to ten, this one is a seven. Why? Well, it feels a bit too light. It goes down easily, and the taste is okay, but it doesn’t make you feel warm inside. In fact, it seems to get stuck halfway, as if it doesn’t get all the way down to the stomach. This is an okay vodka, but nothing great!”

I second that motion.

my verdict on Ladoga Hlebnaya vodka:

Okay, so we are looking at good taste and a slightly less good aftertaste. Borrowing from my teacher, we use the word “light” to describe it.

The bottle design is okay, and the price is pretty good (about 15€/700ml).

a final question

Of course the teacher is right. He always is. One thing I didn’t find out, though: vodka can be made from many things, and this one was apparently made from bread.

But did that have any influence at all on the taste?

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