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Легенда Кремля – Legend Of Kremlin vodka. What a name! I wonder if there is a “Legend of the White House” vodka, or a “Legend of the Reichstag”. Hm… if I ever come up with my own luxury brand of vodka, this might just be it.

Is the legend surrounding Legend Of Kremlin vodka true, or is it not?

This one is a premium brand like so many others. And like so many others it boasts a long tradition and some of the closest ties to Czar’s Family. There is apparently even a rumor of this one being among the earliest vodka brands ever. In history. But with so many vodka brands claiming the exact same thing, can we really be sure of anything?

Looking at the bottle, I find myself terribly confused by all the grandeur.

And after all: we are here to drink, right?

The liquid legend is hot. It’s not mild and refined like a Belvedere or a Beluga, but still a bit less rough than a Partisan (6/10). It doesn’t have the awesome aftertaste of a Russian Standard or an Istanblue. It warms up the stomach though (7/10). I liked the bottle design form some reason (7/10), but the price of 33€ for 700ml was a bit high: 4/10.

This one is good, but it would be better if it were less expensive.

Overall rating: 6.0

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