Legend Of Kremlin



are the legends true?

[40%, sampled in Germany]

Легенда Кремля – Legend Of Kremlin vodka. What a name! I wonder if there will ever be a “Legend of White House” bourbon, or a “Legend of Reichstag” schnapps.


This one is a premium brand like so many others. And, just like them, it also claims to have a long tradition and close ties to the house of the Tsars. There is apparently even a rumor about it being among the earliest vodka brands ever. In history.

I’m wondering how much of this is true. With so many vodka brands claiming the exact same thing, can we really be sure of anything?

When I went on the website of Legend Of Kremlin to look for further clues, there wasn’t really anything substantial, but on the main page it said: IMMERSE YOURSELF IN A WORLD WHERE YOU ARE YOUR OWN LEGEND. So there was that.

Legend Of Kremlin is overpriced

I find myself a bit confused by all the grandeur. So I guess it’s time to talk about the taste.

Legend of Kremlin is surprisingly hot for a vodka that’s supposedly top-shelf. It’s not mild and refined like Belvedere or Beluga, but it’s admittedly still a bit less rough than Partisan. The problem is that it doesn’t have an aromatic aftertaste like Russian Standard or Istanblue. There’s a little bit of a kick, and it warms up the stomach. That’s it.

I liked the bottle design for some reason, but the price of 33€ for 700ml was a bit high.

This vodka is alright, but it would be better if it were less expensive.

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