the branding

[40%, sampled in Germany]

I got this because it seemed so odd. Mama vodka from Denmark is made from rye, and it is proudly dedicated to all mothers.

The bottle came in a box with white cotton wool around it, and it said that you were supposed to cherish thy mother or something.

dedicated to moms

And I thought to myself: since when does us getting shit-faced have anything to do with our moms? But you never stop learning.

So I took the weird white woolly box home, put it on the kitchen table, prepared some pickles and some bread, opened the bottle, and started drinking.

Mama vodka tastes alright

The vodka had a smooth taste. It went down easily, and I kept thinking of the word “soft” while I was drinking it. Could that have to do with the woolly packaging? I don’t know. The aftertaste was good, too. There was something fresh about the aroma.

All in all, Mama vodka tasted like a good quality. It wasn’t anything fancy, though – like the packaging would have you believe.

about the gimmicks

I am not sure how to rate the bottle design – the packaging was awesome in a peculiar way, the bottle itself was just okay. The price of about 27€ for 700ml was tolerable.

There are vodkas that are about quality. There are vodkas that are about getting drunk. And then there are vodkas that are about gimmicks, about pretty bottles and clever branding. I think this is one of the latter.

My recommendation is to get a bottle of Mama vodka if your mom likes to get drunk, and give it to her for mother’s day. She’ll think you’re the best kid in the world!

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