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Мерная медовая з перцем – Mernaya Honey Pepper vodka, is from Ukraine.

There is too much pepper and not enough honey in Mernaya Honey Pepper vodka

This vodka actually has a nice golden color, but you can’t see it now because when I got the camera out, the bottle was already empty. Sorry I took the photo so late! …but you can probably still make out the yellow peppers at the bottom.

Maybe the reason for all the hurry lay in the fact that I had been so excited to try this. Not only did I remember that clear blue evening in Vladivostok with Mernaya Tradition, but there was also the example of Nemiroff Honey Pepper, which had managed to turn good vodka (Nemiroff) into awesome vodka ().

Maybe this would turn out to be even better?

Well, it didn’t. The vodka itself wasn’t that good. It tasted much hotter than the original Mernaya Tradition, which I thought was probably due to the pepper: 4/10. Also, it was lacking some aroma in the aftertaste, and I thought: there should have been at least a notion of honey (5/10)! The bottle design looked okay to me (5/10). The price of 15€ for 700ml was very good though: 8/10.

If you are going to go for that honey pepper stuff, get Nemiroff before you try this.

Overall rating: 5.50

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