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Here we have Мерная Традиция – Mernaya Tradition vodka from the Ukraine.

Happy vodka tasting outdoors does not do Mernaya Tradition vodka any justice

I hadn’t been planning on drinking that day, but when I stumbled upon this group of drunk people at the seaside near Vladivostok, I smiled and they smiled, and I said hi and they said hi, and then I had a cup in my hand and the cup was filled with Mernaya Tradition, and there I was, tasting a new vodka.

This review is not going to do the quality of the vodka any justice, I am almost sure of that. There was too much halloo and too much commotion going on. It was too much fun. What I can do though is I can tell you about the impression I got on that clear-blue Russian evening.

The vodka itself was rather smooth (7/10), I had a bit of bread with it, and it went down very well. I can’t tell you much about the aftertaste though (5/10). The bottle design is okay (4/10), and for around 12€/700ml this stuff is pretty affordable (8/10).

I would like to know why it’s called “Tradition” though. What exactly makes this vodka more traditional than others?

A solid vodka, probably good in mixed drinks.

Overall rating: 6.0

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