Belarusian goodness

[40%, sampled in Germany]

This one is called Мінская – Minskaya vodka. And it’s finally a brand that is unmistakably from Belarus.

I got it from the same online-shop where I bought Kalinovaya, and just like when I bought Kalinovaya, I didn’t think this would be anything special at all. The reason why I got it was because it said it was from Belarus.

again with the origin story

After the geographical ambiguity surrounding Etalon and Partisan, I wanted to try a vodka that I could nail down to the country of Belarus. So I sighed heavily when I saw the price tag of 27€ for 700ml, and then I made the purchase anyway.

It’s important to have goals in life.

Minskaya is supposedly handmade

The first thing I noticed was that it came in a black box that said LEGENDARY, claiming that the stuff I was about to drink had been bottled by hand. By hand? Just like Tito’s? I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I liked the sound of it.

And I gotta say, this vodka was impressive. Talk about smoothness – it was almost soothingly cool on the way down. And yet it was still heart-warming, leaving behind an aroma that reminded me of caramel.

I loved the bottle design. It seemed even prettier than Belvedere and the Goose. So far only Kalinovaya has had a better design.

All in all, Minskaya is an extremely good vodka, and I recommend you go get yourself a bottle and drink, drink, drink (in moderation).

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