Most Wanted



unknown but good

[40%, sampled in the US]

This one is called Most Wanted vodka, and it’s a brand from Kansas. I didn’t even know that Kansas had its own vodka distilleries before I found this brand. But that’s me: learning new and important things every day. Kansas has its own vodka brand, check.

the brown paper bag

Being a pragmatic guy, I wasn’t expecting much when I got this at the liquor store in Wichita. Why would it be anything above average, I thought. It seemed to be completely unknown anywhere outside of Kansas anyway.

Did I say liquor store? Yes. Apparently the law of the “land of the free” doesn’t allow for you to get your booze in a regular supermarket. You have to buy your alcohol in a liquor store and carry it out in a brown paper bag, as if it was some sort of illegal substance. Hilarious.

Most Wanted is solid

I’m not sure if Most Wanted vodka was really the most sought after among all vodka brands, but it was pretty solid. The taste was surprisingly smooth, only the aftertaste was lacking a bit in originality.

The bottle design was okayish, but the price was awesome: around 10€ for 700ml.

Not bad.

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