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This one is called Most Wanted vodka, and it’s a brand from Kansas. I didn’t even know that Kansas had its own vodka distilleries before I found this brand. But that’s me: learn something new every day. Kansas does have vodka, check.

Why this relatively unknown brand called Most Wanted vodka is actually pretty good

Being a pragmatic guy, I wasn’t expecting much when I got this at the liquor store in Wichita. Why would it be anything above average, I asked myself. It was completely unknown anywhere outside the KS anyway. Good thing I got it in a brown paper bag though, can you imagine my excitement? I felt like I suddenly belonged to the secret society of the Brown Paper Bag, and I was going to knowingly nod at any other member of our society if I ran into him or her in the street. Too bad it never happened.

I felt very clandestine.

Anyway, this vodka was surprisingly good actually. It was very smooth (8/10), and only the aftertaste was lacking a bit in originality (6/10). I liked the bottle design (6/10) and particularly the price, which was around 10€ for 700ml: 9/10.

Most Wanted – not bad!

Overall rating: 7.25

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