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So here’s the second vodka brand I tried when I was in Navoiy. I drank it with some friends I had made there. We all got a bit drunk. Not too much, but a bit.

I’m listening to “Damaged” by Black Flag, which is still one of the strongest hc/punk albums of all time. Incidentally, it was also one of the first CDs I’ve ever owned, along with MC Hammer’s “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ’Em”, the “Last Action Hero” soundtrack and “Set It Off” by Madball. Anyway, I’ve always thought it strange how Henry Rollins joined Black Flag in 1981 to record the immaculate “Damaged” album with them (apparently without really having anything to do with the songwriting), and then went ahead and flung Black Flag into post-hc Rollins Band boredom for the next dozen or so albums. A tragedy in itself.

Anyway, we were going to talk about… vodka? This one is called Navoiyskoe Zoloto (Навоийское Золото), which means “Gold from Navoiy”. Because this the some local stuff.

Navoiyskoe Zoloto could have the best price-taste ratio ever

So you thought Tanho was cheap? Well, this here Navoiyskoe Zoloto cost me 7.500 som for 450ml, putting it at about 2 euros for 700ml. Damn. This could be the most “affordable” vodka I’ve ever tried. A 10/10 if there ever was one.

The bottle design is basically non-existent. It’s a regular-ass bottle with a regular-ass label that looks like it could have been from the Soviet Union. It reminded me of the brand Tajikistan, but at least it had a screw cap, so I’ll give it a 4/10.

The first thing that hits you is the smell. It’s rather strong, as you would expect from a vodka that is so affordable it should be called cheap. Stuff to get drunk on, simple as that. But what about the taste? Well, I was surprised. It was actually quite gentle, sort of medium sweet, and it went down more easily than expected. A 6/10.

The aftertaste was even more surprising: it was very aromatic and pleasant. A notion of wheat or bread was in there, something fulfilling and nice. A 8/10.

This is an overall 7.0, but I’d like to add that the vodka itself is actually quite good.

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