Nemiroff Honey Pepper



flavoring can make the difference

[40%, flavored, sampled in Germany]

Nemiroff Honey Pepper from Ukraine. After having tried the regular Nemiroff and finding it just solid, I wasn’t overly excited to go into any of its flavored varieties, but the lady at the Russian shop where I do most of my vodka shopping put it in front of me and said: “Give this one a try, believe me!”

the recommendation

I was shocked. The shop owners had never made any recommendations before. Everyone knew they really liked cognac, not vodka. So what was it with this mysterious honey-peppered stuff that was so good that they felt like they had to recommend it to me?

There could not be any hesitation. I threw a few euro bills on the counter, grabbed the bottle and ran home with it.

Nemiroff Honey Pepper is interesting

I was not disappointed.

This is a very interesting drink. The original Nemiroff is smooth, but not very special. This flavored edition is just as smooth, but the honey gives it a balmy feeling on the tongue, while the pepper leaves a burning sensation in the throat.

There is something about this combination of sweet and spicy flavors, of balmy and fiery working at the same time (against each other and with each other), that makes this vodka very interesting in the aftertaste.

About the bottle design: I thought it looked as okay as the original. And the price of about 15€ for 700ml was pretty good as well.

If you are looking for a (flavored) vodka that is interesting, this one is worth a try.

Oh, and let me know what you mix it with!

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