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Overall Rating: 7.5
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Nemiroff Honey Pepper vodka. Another Nemiroff! After having tried the regular Nemiroff and finding it merely reliable, I wasn’t overly excited to go into any of its flavored varieties, but the lady at the Russian shop where I do most of my vodka shopping put it in front of me and said: “Give this one a try, believe me!”

Nemiroff Honey Pepper vodka proves that sometimes the flavoring can make all the difference

I was shocked. The shop owners had never made any recommendations before! Everyone knew they really liked cognac, not vodka. So what was it with this mysterious honey-peppered stuff that was so good that they recommended it to me?

There could not be any hesitation. I threw some money on the counter, grabbed the bottle and ran home to try it.

And I was not to be disappointed.

This is a very interesting drink. Nemiroff is smooth, but not very special. This honey-pepper edition is smooth too (7/10), but the flavor combination makes it totally awesome in the aftertaste (10/10). I thought the bottle design looked okay (5/10). The price of about 15€ for 700ml was pretty good: 8/10.

If you are looking for a vodka that is interesting, this one is worth a try!

Overall rating: 7.5

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