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[40%, sampled in Germany]

Apparently, this brand has recently been featured in a popular music video. So because I wanted to see what everyone was talking about, I ended up watching a semi-nude woman bounce around a futuristic Russian bathhouse for five minutes.

And now I think I have a song stuck in my head: Gaga-Uhlala. Here’s what’s odd though: it was Nemiroff in the video, but it wasn’t the same bottle – it was Nemiroff Premium!

Anyway, I had already bought this one, so I decided to give it a try.

Nemiroff vodka is solid

The vodka was good. It tasted rather smooth and comfortable, and the aftertaste was alright, too. It didn’t feel like anything special, sort of like the vodka that you would buy not because you want to drink it straight, but in order to make mixed drinks.

I thought the bottle design was okay, and the price was very competitive (12€/700ml).

good for tails

My final verdict: this one is a solid choice for a cocktail. But if you are into straight shots, then there are better brands out there.

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