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Tried a vodka brand from Ukraine the other day: Nemiroff vodka.

Vodka brands must try to sell an image – and Nemiroff vodka is no exception

Apparently, this brand was featured in a pretty popular music video, so because I wanted to see what everyone was talking about, I ended up watching a semi-nude chick bounce around a futuristic Russian bathhouse for five minutes. And now I think I have a song stuck in my head: Gaga-Uhlala Here’s what’s odd though: it was Nemiroff in the video, but it wasn’t the same bottle – it was Nemiroff Premium!

Anyway, I had already bought this one, so I decided to give it a try.

The vodka was good. It tasted rather smooth and comfortable (7/10), and the aftertaste was alright too (7/10). It didn’t feel like anything special, sort of like the vodka that you would buy not because you want to drink it straight, but in order to make some mixed drinks with. I thought the bottle design was okay (5/10), and the price was very competitive (12€/700ml: 8/10).

My final verdict: this one is a solid choice for a cocktail. But if you are into straight shots, then there are better brands out there.

Overall rating: 6.75

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