Nordisch Vodka



not so northern

[40%, sampled in Germany]

Easter Sunday. Not much longer to go. I’ll be back in Uzbekistan in four days. Maybe five. Not more.

I have this bottle of vodka here. I got it a while ago in Hamburg, which is also where it’s from. It’s called Nordisch vodka, which means something along the lines of “Nordic vodka”. Made in Hamburg, in the north of Germany Hamburg.

straight from the bottle

There’s not much left in the bottle. When did I drink most of it? Can’t remember. Anyway, I don’t need much anyway, just a little bit so I can figure out how to rate it. I have no shot glass around and no ordinary glass either, so I’ll have to drink it straight from the bottle.

Nordisch vodka tastes smoother than expected

So about that vodka. The first thing I noticed was the smell. It seemed a bit strong, and I was wondering if Nordisch might burn on its way down. But then it didn’t.

Nordisch has a mild taste, and it goes down easily. Overall it’s a lot smoother than I expected. Then there’s the aftertaste, though: there is a bit of an aroma, just not that much of it. There was a hint of sweetness. But it wasn’t anything special.

original recipes

I looked up the price online. Nordisch costs about 22€ for 700ml, which makes it more expensive than many other brands, but still tolerable.

The bottle design is okay. It shows the Hamburg skyline, and it says: ORIGINAL RECIPE FROM HAMBURG. Well, a lot of vodka brands claim to have some sort of “original recipe”. What I don’t like about the bottle though is that it’s very straight, which doesn’t go that well with the sophistication of its design.

Overall, this Nordisch Vodka is alright.

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