Taste 10
Aftertaste 9
Bottle Design 8
Price 8

Are all vodka brands that come in this kind of bottle good, or are there exceptions?

Last time I reviewed a vodka brand I was listening to Black Flag. Good times. Tonight is very different, though. Wanna know what it is I am listening to tonight? I am sorry, I cannot say. It is so unspeakably heavy, I must never tell you what it is. My apologies. Okay. If you insist. Here it is: ..

Summary 8.8 awesome


Last time I reviewed a vodka brand I was listening to Black Flag. Good times. Tonight is very different, though. Wanna know what it is I am listening to tonight? I am sorry, I cannot say. It is so unspeakably heavy, I must never tell you what it is. My apologies.


If you insist.

Here it is: Ringworm. Seriously, those guys seem just ridiculously angry. But enough of that now.

The vodka we have here is called Ostoya. It calls itself „Noble Wheat Grain“, and it hails from Poland, which is one of the countries that claims to have invented vodka (other contenders being Russia and Ukraine).

Ostoya vodka more than lives up to its looks

This one was among my findings that I brought home from Poland a few months ago. I usually don’t drink much, so the bottle just sat there for a while, looking a bit more classy than its brethren. Until I decided to give it a try.

Here’s what I think: the price is good (13€/700ml), but it is slightly higher than your average Polish vodka (8/10). The bottle design fits into the Goose/Belvedere/Queen pattern that says „if the bottle looks like this, then it’s good stuff“. I think it is prettier than Snow Queen and not as pretty as Belvedere. So I’d give it a 8/10.

The taste is one of the best ever. It is incredibly smooth. Really. A total 10. The aftertaste is a bit sweet. I’d give it a 9 leaning towards a ten.

All in all, this is some very fine stuff. 8.75.


  1. Sandra 20. October 2016

    I had this vodka while visiting Krakow recently. It is really great. Where can I purchase this in the USA? I hope you can help. Thanks

  2. Adam Morrow 17. January 2017

    Please can someone give me a link for a UK based supplier of Ostoya Polish vodka. Can’t seem to find anyone that sells it. As I am an avid lover of Vodka as my partner is Polish simply based on this review we wish to try it as she has never heard of it to be honest so any help would be appreciated, thank you.

  3. Garth Lurvey 1. January 2018

    I just went to Krakow for the Christmas markets. I usually don’t like hard liquor but this was amazing. Where can we buy it in the States?

    • Christoph 3. January 2018

      Hey there, glad you liked it. Not sure where you can buy it, though. :(

  4. Adam Morrow 8. February 2018

    Finally had it last year whilst in Poland. Stunning. So so smooth. Was not dissapointed

  5. Stevie 28. October 2018

    I was on a visit to Poland (for a wedding) and was advised by an assistant in an off license that this vodka was excellent if slightly more expensive than others available. Once sampled I found it hard to disagree. I then purchased a further two bottles in the duty free on my return journey. Smooth almost creamy taste. I also found it quite possible to drink straight. Something I can’t do with any other spirit. This brand is way ahead of any I have tried so far that are available in the UK. Well worth a try in my opinion.

    • Lopez 25. January 2019

      Drinking straight is the only way in Poland : )

  6. Julia Rivers 12. June 2019

    where can i buy online or in the uk

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