quelle surprise!

[40%, sampled in Germany]

The vodka we have here is called Ostoya. It calls itself NOBLE WHEAT GRAIN, and it hails from Poland, which is one of the countries that claims to have invented vodka (other contenders being Russia and Ukraine).

the classy one

This one was among my findings that I brought home from Poland a few months ago. I usually don’t drink much, so the bottle just sat there for a while, looking a bit more classy than its brethren. Sometimes I would look at it in passing. And then I decided to give it a try.

Ostoya is one of the best

I was surprised to find out that Ostoya was one of the best vodkas ever. I’m not kidding: this stuff tastes incredibly smooth. Really. I had it neat and at room temperature, and it went down like rain water. The aftertaste was aromatic, long-lasting, and a bit sweet. I found myself thinking of flowers.

The price was good (13€/700ml), but it was slightly higher than your average Polish vodka. The bottle design fits into the Goose/Belvedere/Queen pattern that says “if the bottle looks like this, then it’s good stuff”. I think it’s prettier than Snow Queen and not quite as pretty as Belvedere.

Ostoya. Remember that name. You have to try it!

5 thoughts on “Ostoya”

  1. I had this vodka while visiting Krakow recently. It is really great. Where can I purchase this in the USA? I hope you can help. Thanks

  2. I just went to Krakow for the Christmas markets. I usually don’t like hard liquor but this was amazing. Where can we buy it in the States?

  3. I was on a visit to Poland (for a wedding) and was advised by an assistant in an off license that this vodka was excellent if slightly more expensive than others available. Once sampled I found it hard to disagree. I then purchased a further two bottles in the duty free on my return journey. Smooth almost creamy taste. I also found it quite possible to drink straight. Something I can’t do with any other spirit. This brand is way ahead of any I have tried so far that are available in the UK. Well worth a try in my opinion.


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