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We had some Парламент – Parliament vodka today. This is a relatively young and affordable brand (I think it is from Moscow), which has already built a pretty solid reputation.

There is a reason why the world needs more Parliament vodka

Isn’t it funny how vodka brands are often trying to sell a certain image? It’s as if the stuff itself just wasn’t good enough – you need a certain angle to sell it. You need to evoke certain feelings in your potential customer – a person who doesn’t want to just get wasted, but get wasted in style!

So this brand is named Parliament, and its angle is surprisingly solid: it is of good quality, and it has been filtered with milk.


Didn’t make any difference to me, but the vodka sure was smooth (8/10) and had a nice aromatic aftertaste (8/10). I thought the bottle design was average (5/10), but the pricing was very good (around 11€ for 700ml: 8/10).

This one is what I call a reliable vodka. It is good for almost any purpose. And the name totally makes sense too: a Parliament is a place where people come to speak. And this is exactly what you should be doing when you are having vodka – get together with friends and talk about stuff.

Overall rating: 7.25

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