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[40%, sampled in Russia]

Isn’t it funny how vodka brands are often trying to sell a certain image? It’s as if the stuff itself just wasn’t good enough – you need a certain angle to sell it. You need to evoke certain feelings in your potential customers.

They are people who don’t want to just get wasted, but get wasted in style!

the milk angle

So this brand is named Парламент – Parliament vodka. It’s a relatively young and affordable brand (I think it’s from Moscow), which has already built a pretty solid reputation, and its angle is surprisingly solid: the quality is good, and it has been filtered using milk.


how Parliament vodka does

Didn’t make any difference to me, but the vodka sure was smooth and had a nice aromatic aftertaste.

I thought the bottle design was average, but the pricing was very good (around 11€ for 700ml).

speak and drink

This one is what I call a reliable vodka. It’s good for almost any purpose. And the name totally makes sense too: a Parliament is a place where people come to speak. And this is exactly what you should be doing when you are having vodka – get together with friends and talk about stuff.

I still don’t understand the benefits of filtration through milk, though.

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