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Prague. Still.

I bought this vodka in a small shop near my hotel. I wanted it purely so I’d have something to compare that bottle of Absolut Elyx to. The owner recommended another brand, namely 42 Blended, but I had already tried that one before. So I just took this one called Pražská. It looked like a typical medium shelf vodka. Hopefully nothing too bad.

I paid up, and as I did, I asked the shop owner where he was from. “Vietnam”, he said. Been here long? I asked him. “Not too long”, he said. Are people treating you alright? I wanted to know. To which he stretched out his hand and made a fluttering movement: “So so”, he said and smiled.

Pražská vodka has one thing and lacks another

So I’m back in my hotel room. Amy Winehouse is on (Frank, not Back To Black). It’s 01:48 in the morning. I am still slightly tipsy from that Elyx stuff. I never finished the bottle. Guess I’ll just take it home with me. Anyway, now it’s time for this Pražská stuff.

Googled the name and landed on a surprisingly slick-looking website. It shows a bunch of awards that this vodka apparently won. I can’t really understand much of it because it’s in Czech and I don’t speak Czech. But there’s a hand at the bottom of the screen, a hand that holds a shot glass and moves to the left and to the right as I move my mouse cursor. It’s awesome.

Okay, time to focus.

“And although he’s nothing in the scheme of my years / It just serves to bludgeon my futile tears” – that’s Amy.

Need to focus. How much did I pay for that bottle? I think about 160 crowns. So that would make it a 10/10 economically. I wonder if this whole price ranking thing is fair at all. I mean, how is a brand in, say, Switzerland ever supposed to compete with one in, say, Uzbekistan?

What about the bottle design though? Meh. I mean, it’s not bad. But it looks boring to me. I’d give it a 5/10 rating. There’s just nothing special about it.

So how does this vodka taste? Well, it’s actually surprisingly mild. It tastes sweet, and it goes down smooth. There is just a tiny bit of uniqueness missing for the taste to be great, but still, it’s very good (9/10).

The aftertaste, well, not so much. I felt like I had a cold block of ice in my stomach. Okay, maybe that’s because I’ve been having a bit more vodka than usual tonight. But there was really not that much fun in the aftertaste. It wasn’t aromatic. It was bland (5/10).

“It’s bricked up in my head, it’s shoved under my bed”.


This is a 7.25.

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  1. Enjoy your reviews as well as your tweets. Vodka is my preferred drink but I know nothing about it so you’re site is helpful. Started drinking it for medicinal purposes…seriously…phantom pain. Don’t know that it helps that much with the pain, but makes me care about it a lot less when it throttles up. Keep up the good work.


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