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This one is from Russia, and it’s called Рублевка – Rublëvka vodka. I guess you could also write it as “Rublevka vodka” if you want, because those special characters can be such a hassle sometimes. Like the äöü thingies in German. Or the ß, whatever that is. A B? An S? Yeah, actually it’s a sort of S, a hard hissing S. But anyway.

Rublevka vodka is good. That’s it.

There is little to be said about this one, at least from me. The scenario of the tasting process was the same as usual: a group of friends, something to eat, some shotglasses, some water, a bottle of vodka. And it was some good vodka, too. I mean, it wasn’t really anything excellent, but it was good anyway.

Here is what I can say about Rublëvka: the smoothness was definitely there (7/10), and the aftertaste (7/10) was there, too. I felt warm. When I checked out the bottle, I thought it didn’t look too bad (6/10), and the price of about 17€ for 700ml was okay too: 6/10.

My verdict: there are better vodka brands than this one. But then again, there are also many brands that are not as good. Maybe Rublëvka would work well in a mixed drink? Who knows, I had it straight, with a group of friends, with something to eat, with shotglasses, some water…

Overall rating: 6.5

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