[40%, sampled in Germany]

This one is from Russia, and it’s called Рублевка – Rublëvka vodka. I guess you could also write it as Rublevka if you want. Those special characters can be a hassle sometimes. Like the umlaut thingies in German: ä ö ü. Or the ß – hat’s a special type of s, by the way, a hard hissing s. But anyway.

the procedure

There is little to be said about this one, at least from me. The scenario of the tasting process was the same as usual: a group of friends, something to eat, some shot glasses, some water, a bottle of vodka. And it was some good vodka, too. I mean, Rublëvka turned out to be far from excellent, but it was good anyway.

Rublëvka is solid

Here is what I can say about this vodka: the smoothness was definitely there. It went down easily, there was no fighting and no gasping for air. The aftertaste was there, too. There was a hint of a flowery aroma, and it made me feel warm in the stomach.

When I checked out the bottle, I thought it didn’t look too bad, and the price of about 17€ for 700ml was okay, too.

might work in mixed drinks

My verdict: there are better vodka brands than this one. But then again, there are also many brands that are worse. I think Rublëvka might work well in a mixed drink, because it’s a pretty smooth vodka. I haven’t tried that, though.

I only had it neat and at room temperature.

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