Rushkinoff Cannabis



for drunks and potheads

[50%, flavored, sampled in Spain]

Okay, 100 proof vodka is nothing new, but this one has apparently been infused with cannabis. Yes. Someone apparently thought that people wanted their vodka to be the same flavor as the stuff they smoked. And so Rushkinoff Cannabis was created.

looking for leaves

Looking at the bottle, I noticed that his liquid does have a slightly greenish hue. I guess that must be from the cannabis. It would have been nice had the distillers gone the way of Zubrowka Bison Grass and included a weed leaf in the bottle. But they chose not to. Maybe for legal reasons?

Rushkinoff Cannabis doesn’t taste like weed

I was expecting this stuff to smell like weed, but it didn’t. Its smell is that of ordinary, low-grade vodka. A bit like cleaning alcohol.

As always, I sampled it neat and at room-temperature. And it tasted hot, just hot. In fact it went down like lava. I guess it’s hard to make a 100-proof vodka that tastes smooth. Belvedere Intense did a good job at this. Rushkinoff Cannabis and Callicounis Imperial didn’t.

The aftertaste was a disappointment as well. I found myself looking for some sort of cannabis aroma, but there wasn’t any. It felt generic and cheap.

The bottle design is what it is. On the upside, Rushkinoff Cannabis is relatively cheap: around 12€ for 700ml.

don’t buy for the taste

If you plan on getting this vodka because you like weed, forget it. If you just need something to get you drunk, then yeah, you could use this. It looks a bit greenish, and there is the gimmicky “cannabis” angle in the branding. Maybe you could mix it with something, I just don’t know with what.

Or you could pick something better.

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  1. Bonjour, je serai intéressée pour commander une ou 2 bouteilles de vodka au cannabis s’il vous plaît. Une bouteille coûte combien et il y a combien de quantité dedans ? Merci.


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