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Rushkinoff Cannabis vodka – this stuff is from Spain (the beautiful island of Mallorca, it seems), and it’s 100-proof (50% alcohol) just like Belvedere Intense (which was good) or Callicounis Imperial (which was not so good).

I am not sure if Rushkinoff Cannabis vodka is aimed at drunks or at potheads

Okay, 100 proof vodka is nothing new, but this one has apparently been infused with cannabis. Cannabis? you ask, isn’t that for smoking in legal environments or for medicinal purposes? Yes. Some people obviously thought that other people wanted their vodka to be the same flavor as the stuff they liked to smoke. So they created Rushkinoff Cannabis.

I couldn’t really make out any of the cannabis flavor though. But then I’m no expert on this in the first place.

Anyway, this stuff is hot, just hot (3/10). It burns all the way down, lacks aroma in the aftertaste and generally feels rather cheap (2/10). I guess it’s hard to make a 100-proof vodka that tastes good. Belvedere did a relatively good job at this. Rushkinoff and Callicounis Imperial didn’t. The bottle design is, well, a 4/10. It’s relatively cheap though, around 12€ for 700ml, making it a 8/10.

If you plan on getting this vodka because you like weed, forget it. If you just need something to get you drunk, then yeah, you could use this. Or you could pick something better.

Overall rating: 4.25

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