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Hey guess what, it’s Rushkinoff vodka again! After that weird Cannabis stuff from last time, I decided to give the brand another try. After all, I was on an island in Spain, the Mediterranean Sea was like a blue universe all around me, and I was thinking to myself something along the lines of: yeah why not?

Regular Rushkinoff vodka is not so bad

This original vodka was better than its Cannabis version. Also, it wasn’t 100 proof but 80 proof, making it a lot easier to appreciate.

Maybe it was because I had just had that aweful other vodka the night before, but this one seemed a lot more smooth and gentle to me (7/10). It lacked aroma in the aftertaste though (5/10). The bottle was made from plastic, which seemed a bit weird, but then the design has a sort of rusty charm to it: 5/10. The pricing of 11€ for 700ml was awesome: 9/10.

I can’t really say I recommend this, but if you’re going to have this, then use it for mixed drinks, not for pure enjoyment.

Oh, and the bottle is awesome if you clean it and use it as a water bottle for every day use! :)

Overall rating: 6.5

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