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cork caps suck, though

[40%, sampled in Germany]

I got Русица – Rusitsa vodka from the never ending reservoir of the little Russian shop around the corner. They seem to be always getting new vodka brands, so whenever I drop in there’s something new to take home.

Of course I only go there in moderation.

real Russians

Having recently tried Russian-sounding brands like Gorbatschow or even completely generic stuff like Russkaya Ruletka (which only seemed to pretend to be from Russia), I was a bit wary. I felt as if I could trust my local Russian store, though.

And so I took home this bottle of Rusitsa and got out a shot glass and some bread.

Rusitsa is more than just pretty

Rusitsa is a very mild vodka that goes down easily. There’s a faint hint of something interesting in the aftertaste, I couldn’t quite describe it, though.

The bottle has a nice and simple design. There was originally a cardboard label attached to it that showed a very attractive woman. I stared at her for a while, then I noticed that I really didn’t like the cork cap. It just doesn’t seem very practical for liquor.

So even though I would like to give the bottle design a high rating I just can’t. The price was very good though, I got this for around 12€/700ml.


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