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Русица – Rusitsa vodka. From, you’ve probably guessed it – Russia.

You’re hot, and Rusitsa vodka is good. Simple as that.

I got this – once again – from the never ending reservoir of the little Russian shop around the corner. They seem to be always getting new vodka brands, so whenever I drop in there is something to take home. Of course I only go there in moderation! :)

This Rusitsa stuff is a very mild vodka that goes down easily (9/10) without tasting boring in the aftertaste (8/10). The bottle looks nice (there was originally a label showing a hot girl attached to it), only the cap doesn’t seem to be very practical. The thing is I don’t think anybody wants a cork cap on his liquor, unless he or she doesn’t mind finishing the whole bottle in one session. Otherwise you will almost certainly face the horrors of evaporation!

So even though I would like to give this bottle design a high rating just for the girl on the label, I just can’t. This is a 7/10, and that is being generous. The price was very good though, I got this for around 12€/700ml, making it an 8/10.

BTW: Google Rusitsa Vodka and you will find a weird video of some chick in a forest. I don’t think she has anything to do with this vodka (which is a very good vodka).

Overall rating: 8.0

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