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Russian Billionaire Elite Club vodka. This stuff had me laughing for a long time, and not because I was drunk.

Russian Billionaire Elite Club vodka is basically good vodka with an awesome name

When I first laid eyes on this one I thought: who in his right mind could say no to a name like that?!

It came in a box that looked nice and stylish but had been damaged during shipping. This caused some of my newly attained billionaire-feeling to evaporate before I had even tasted the stuff. I mean, what would a russian billionaire from an elite club say if they got him a bottle in a damaged box?

The correct answer is: На хуй!

Okay, here are my two cents about this vodka: it tastes pretty good! It is very mild, and just a tiny bit sour (9/10), the aftertaste is not very lasting or heart-warming, but it still tastes like a high-quality vodka (8/10). Only the best for billionaires, right? The bottle: I’ll give it an 8/10. Not only for the design itself, but also for that extremely awesome brand image!

Here’s the downside though – and you’ve probably already guessed it: you won’t become a billionaire by forking out 40€ for 700ml of vodka (2/10).

Good vodka, awesome brand name.

Overall rating: 6.75

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