Russian Standard Platinum



what’s with the name?

[40%, sampled in Germany]

This one is Русский Стандарт Platinum – Russian Standard Platinum vodka. It’s a sort of little sister to Imperia, the luxury brand that I tried earlier this summer, and it apparently ranks among the most acclaimed and best-selling vodkas in Russia.

the Corolla conundrum

I keep wondering about these luxury brands, though. It seems as though every decent vodka brand needs to have at least one luxury offspring.

The whole thing reminds me of Toyota and Lexus: here’s a company that’s doing well (Toyota), but rich folks won’t buy their products, probably because they deem them too plebeian – so the company goes ahead and creates a new luxury brand (Lexus). A Corolla for the rich, yay!

filtration questions

Anyway, back to our liquor. The Platinum edition is supposed to be silver filtered. This struck me as weird because why would they call it the name of one metal (platinum) if it was filtered using another metal (silver)?

Anyway, the vodka itself is supposed to be better than the original Russian Standard. But much to my surprise, I didn’t like it that much.

how does Russian Standard Platinum vodka do?

The taste was smooth but not awesome, the aftertaste was good but not awesome either. I thought the bottle design was okay because I liked silver theme, only the price seemed a bit high (22€/700ml).

My advice: stick to your regular stuff!

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