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Русская Рулетка – Russkaya Ruletka vodka. Isn’t that an awesome name? Russian Roulette?

Every vodka has to have an angle, but the angle of Russkaya Ruletka vodka is not quite there yet

I found this in a huge grocery store in Munich. And with huge I mean huge, like you couldn’t even find your way out unless you spread bread crumbs on the way in. Anyway, I found this bottle (there were hundreds of them), and I picked it up out of curiosity. Was this some sort of “pseudo-Russian” German vodka? It seemed so at first, but on the label it said it was Russian. I would have taken it home anyway.

First things first: I didn’t like the weird bottle design. I mean, was this supposed to look like a gun or something? I get the idea that this is supposed to somewhat remind the customer of “Russian Roulette”, but it seems like a compromise in design to me (5/10). The vodka itself tasted okay (5/10), it just seemed a bit unrefined in the aftertaste (5/10). I’d say it was nothing special. The price was okay (16€/700ml: 7/10).

This vodka is like a game of Russian Roulette – you can try it, but only after you have tried a lot of other things!

Overall rating: 5.5

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