Russkaya Ruletka



is this even Russian?

[40%, sampled in Germany]

I found Русская Рулетка – Russkaya Ruletka vodka in a huge grocery store in Munich. And by huge I mean huge, like it took me a while to find my way out again.

Anyway, I noticed this bottle among hundreds of others, and I picked it up out of curiosity. Was this some sort of “pseudo-Russian” German vodka? It seemed so at first, but on the label it said it was actually from Russia. I decided to take it home either way.

weird bottles

First things first: I searched for the name in both Cyrillic and Latin, and it doesn’t seem to exist on the Russian market.

The second thing I noticed was the weird bottle design. I mean, was this supposed to look like a gun or something? I get the idea that this is supposed to somewhat remind us of “Russian Roulette”, but if you’re going to make a bottle look like a gun then make it look like a gun, not like a weirdly-shaped bottle.

Russkaya Ruletka is just average

The vodka itself tasted okay. It just seemed a bit unrefined in the aftertaste. It really wasn’t anything special. The price was okay, though (16€/700ml).

In hindsight this vodka seems as if it hinges exclusively on the gimmicky “Russian Roulette” angle. A generic product, mostly aimed at non-Russian markets. I wouldn’t recommend drinking this.

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