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Rutte vodka. This one is supposed to be eco-friendly like 360 and Tarpan.

Rutte vodka is taking the term “organic” to new levels

This one was another gift from a friend. Probably the best thing about keeping this review blog is that people always know what to give me for my birthday. Gone are the days of random well-intended presents that nobody really has any use for. Just give me a bottle of something that I haven’t tried yet, and I will be happy.

So when I got this bottle of Rutte, I was happy too. It was organic. And when i poured it into the shotglass I noticed that the liquid even had a greenish hue to it. Now THAT was awesome! But would it taste good, too?

Well, it was surprisingly mild and smooth (8/10), and the aftertaste was very aromatic (9/10). Really an extremely good vodka. I liked the bottle design for its smart simplicty, and I would have rated it even higher but the cork cap kind of put me off a bit, just like it did with Kedrovitsa (7/10). I looked up the price for this just to be able to rate it, and it was a bit of a bummer: 21€ for 700ml, making it a 6/10.

Anyway, I highly recommend you give Rutte a try!

Overall rating: 7.5

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