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Samaani vodka. This one was from Finland, made in what was supposed to be the “most northern distillery in the world” or something. Samaani apparently means shaman, and there is a neat little drawing on the bottle, so I thought: this will be fun!

There is something special about Finnish vodka, and Samaani vodka is special, too

And I was right. This stuff was fun!

Don’t expect any of that high-class smoothness you would find in Beluga or Kauffman here. This vodka is rough. Not terribly rough, but it sure doesn’t go down without a fight(6/10). But THEN, once it’s down, you’ll notice a unique aftertaste that is just awesome (10/10)! The bottle design is okay (5/10), the price is good as well (18€/700ml: 7/10).

I wouldn’t recommend mixing this with anything. Or at least I don’t know what a good other component of a Samaani mixed drink could be. Some berry juice from Finland maybe? Milk? Something so crazy that nobody has thought of it yet? Who knows. Anyway, as far as I know, this stuff is best when you have it at room temperature, with some bread or some pickles on the side. A fun vodka!

Overall rating: 7.0

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