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Voici, the second instalment of my 2018 Sheki vodka experiment. This one was called Samovar vodka, a name that made me happy because I love samovars, I really do.

Can Samovar vodka live up to its name?

First things first, this one also cost 5 manat for 0,5L (4€/700ml = 10/10). I wasn’t surprised anymore.

But when I examined the bottle, I felt worried. I liked the bottle design: the ornaments on the glass itself, the simple label design, the seal at the cap, the little piece of twine around the top of the bottle. It was a nice-looking bottle (8/10) with an awesome name. I didn’t want it to suck.

cold cookies

Upon opening the bottle I realized that it, too, had a cork cap. I thought about going back and subtracting one point from the design score (I had cork caps on vodka bottles), but then I forgot about it.

There was a faint smell, something subtle that seemed to announce that the distillation process had been rather clean and professional.

The taste was very cold at first, and it had something flowery and sweet to it. It burned a little on the way down, though not much. (8/10).

The aftertaste was strange. It was also cold, not warm, but somehow there seemed to be a note of cookies in it. I tried this several times just to be sure. There was a faint taste of cookies (7/10).

Overall, Samovar vodka was good. It didn’t blow me away, but it didn’t disappoint me, either: A solid 8.25.

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