Shanghai White



the land of plenty

[40%, sampled in Germany]

I have a bottle of Chinese vodka here with me. It’s called Shanghai White. I got it at an airport. It’s from Chengdu. Oh, how I miss that place.

And yet it’s called Shanghai White. On the bottle it says in Chinese 上海幻 – “Shanghai Fantasy”. I like Shanghai White better. It sounds less tacky.

the sound

As I’m pouring it into a glass it comes out just right, with big gulping sounds. Vodka bottles should either have this sound or a built-in dispenser. Everything else is a turn-off.

I got this at the airport, so you know it was a bit expensive. They always try to make you believe that airport booze is duty-free and therefore cheap, when in reality it isn’t. Sure, you don’t pay taxes. But they jack up the price anyway, so you end up paying about the same as outside. Or more. No, definitely more.

And still buying booze at the airport is fun.

the bottle

I purchased this bottle of Shanghai White for about 40€ for 700ml, which makes it expensive. But the bottle! It’s so beautiful. It comes in a white hard case that is beautiful as well. There are tender blossoms on the side of the bottle and street scenes on the bottom. It’s one of the best bottles ever.

Shanghai White is sweet and soft

First things first: this vodka smells stronger than I had been anticipating. I find myself worried, but then it turns out that the taste is good. Actually, it’s very good. Shanghai White tastes a bit sweet, and it’s very, very soft. A smooth vodka.

And then there’s the aftertaste. I like it when I have taken a shot of vodka, and then I breathe out through my nose and my head gets filled with an aroma. When I eat something and the taste gets a little bit stronger after the vodka. When it makes my stomach feel warm.

Shanghai White does all of that in a very nice way. I’m never quite sure whether my reviews are reliable at all, but I’m going to go ahead and give this one a perfect ten for its aftertaste anyway.

I’m listening to The Pharcyde. “I must admit on some occasions I went out like a punk and a chump.”

Well, this vodka didn’t. Shanghai White is expensive, but it’s extremely good.

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