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Guru. Haven’t been listening to his stuff in a long time. I remember the records used to look like they were from Blue Note or something. This one is called “Streetsoul”. Yeah, why not.

I have a bottle of Chinese vodka here with me. It’s called Shanghai White. I got it at an airport. Vodka from China, which I like. From Sichuan, which I like. From Chengdu, which I like. Oh, how I miss the place.

Guru is being all smooth and shit. Now let’s see if this vodka is smooth or not.

Shanghai White from the land of plenty

Okay, I got this at the airport, so you know it was expensive. They always try to make you believe that booze at the airport is duty-free and therefore cheap, when in reality it isn’t. Sure, you don’t pay taxes. But they jack up the price anyway, so you end up paying about the same as outside. Or more. No, definitely more.

Yet still, buying booze at the airport is great fun.

I purchased this bottle of Shanghai White for about 40€/700ml, which would put it in the 02/10 department. This is expensive stuff. But guys, the bottle! It’s so beautiful. It comes in a white hard case that is beautiful. There are tender blossoms on the side of the bottle and street scenes on the bottom. It is the best bottle ever. A solid 10/10. I love the bottle.

I’m done with Guru, now it’s Big L. He seems less sophisticated, but there’s a lot more energy in his delivery. I’m happy.

Shanghai White. On the bottle it’s called 上海幻 in Chinese – “Shanghai Fantasy”. I like Shanghai White better, because it sounds less tacky. Pouring a glass, and it comes out just right, with big gulping sounds. Vodka bottles should either have this sound or a built-in dispenser. Everything else is just not acceptable. But anyway.

Its smell seems bit strong. I am worried. The taste is good though. It’s very smooth. Of course not as smooth as Guru, but we’ve stopped listening to him a long time ago. Jurassic Five are on now. They remind me of Haiku D’Etat, only I guess it should be the other way around. Anyway, it’s all good because the vodka is good. Shanghai White tastes a bit sweet, and it’s very, very soft. I’ll give it a 9/10.

And then there’s the aftertaste. I love it when a vodka sticks around. When you breathe out through your nose and you can taste the aroma. When you eat something and the taste gets a little bit stronger after the vodka. When it fills your head and your chest. Shanghai White does all of that in a very nice way. I’m never quite sure whether my reviews are reliable at all, but I’m going to go ahead and give this one a 10/10 for aftertaste anyway.

Oh, now The Pharcyde is on. I know the song: “I must admit on some occasions I went out like a punk and a chump.” Beautiful.

Overall, this Chinese vodka is extremely good. It’s only a 7.75, which is only due to the price.

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