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I didn’t just get one bottle of vodka when I was in Tajikistan – I got two. I wanted to be able to compare one to the other, so I felt like this was the right thing to do from a “professional” standpoint (actually I just drink stuff and write about it, and most of the time I have no idea what I’m doing).

Besides that, vodka was so cheap in Tajikistan, there would be no hurt in getting a little more, even if I wasn’t going to finish it all.

This one was called Shohona Platinum (Шохона).

Shohona Platinum is a vodka to look at

I drank this one on a nice day in Khujand, and I was in good company.

The bottle looked a lot better than that of Tajikistan. Worthy of the label Platinum? Not so sure. It did have the nice ground glass look that we know from top brands like Belvedere or the Goose. But the white labels made it look a bit cheap.

What made up for it though is this nice gurgling sound it made when you poured it, something like ghergherghergherghergher. I’d give the bottle a 7/10.

Of course the price was awesome. Around 6€ for 700ml. A solid 10/10.

a cold lump?

Shohona Platinum doesn’t have much of a smell, which is generally a good sign, because most people want their vodka to be as pure as possible. In this case the smell, as faint as it was, was a bit sweet.

The taste is okay. It goes down easily, and the same sweetness that is in the smell is also in the taste. It doesn’t hurt anyone, but it’s not particularly great either. A 6/10.

The aftertaste was disappointing, though. I’d use the word lumpy to describe it. You drink it down, and then it just sits there, like a brick, blocking your throat. And it doesn’t make you feel warm, either. It’s not terrible, but it’s definitely not good, either. I’d give it a 5/10.

All in all, I’d give Shohona Platinum the same overall rating as the Tajikistan vodka: a 7/10. But if you’re going to drink it and not just look at the bottle, make sure to get Tajikistan, and not this one.

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