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[40%, sampled in Germany]

This one is called Штоффка – Shtoffka vodka, it’s a Russian brand, and oh, how I loved the name!

You know how sometimes you get an idea stuck in your head, a totally random idea, and you just can’t get rid of it? To me, it was the idea that this vodka’s name was somehow amusing. Comical. Hilarious. Outrageously funny.

is this even funny at all?

I thought Shtoffka was the best name ever. Think about it. Shtoffka. It sounds funny in English. It sounds funny in Russian. Shtoffka. I had a shot. Shtoffka. I had another shot. Shtoffka. It was getting funnier and funnier. Shtoffka. I was starting to annoy myself.

Shtoffka is meh

The vodka itself was okay. Shtoffka tasted a bit stingy actually. It burned on the way down, and it didn’t seem to be of very refined quality. Another thing about it was that it seemed to be lacking that certain aftertaste that can make vodka so much fun.

The bottle design, meh. The price was good, though, you could get this for about 15€ for 700ml.

my recommendation

I would recommend this for mixed drinks, not for shots. It’s just not good enough to be enjoyed neat and at room temperature. So you should chill it and mix it with some juice or a soda.

It’s not terrible, but remember: there are better vodka brands out there. The only thing I really liked about this was the name. Or maybe I was just drunk.

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