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This one is called Smirnoff White vodka, and it’s from the UK. I picked it up in a duty free somewhere in an airport (I think it was in Istanbul), and that’s exactly where you are supposed to find it – it’s apparently only available in airports around the world.
At first I was a bit sceptical. I had tried Smirnoff Red Label #21 before and thought it was decent at best, nothing great. So why should this stuff be any better? But in the end I figured I might as well give it a try. After all, it was supposed to be freeze filtered (hence the name “white”). And it was on sale.

Is Smirnoff White vodka much better (or just whiter) than Smirnoff Red?

First things first: the price was pretty good, especially for something you would get at an airport. I paid around 20€/700ml for this, making it a 6/10. I also liked the bottle design somehow, maybe because it felt like a bit of a break from all the frosted glass design that you get with upper segment brands like The Goose and Belvedere (8/10).

The taste was astonishingly smooth. It was very gentle and had an almost sweet note to it (9/10). The aftertaste was good too, it just didn’t seem as aromatic as I would have liked it to be (7/10).

Overall, this one was a surprisingly good vodka: 7.5

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