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Smooth vodka is from Sweden, just like so many other good things. Like Dark Tranquillity. Like Edge of Sanity. Like Bloodbath. Like In Flames. Like Opeth. Like The Crown. Like Dr. Alban. Anyway, we are not talking about music here, we are talking about vodka, right? Just like 360, Tarpan or Rutte, this here Smooth vodka is also an organic spirit. Only it is from Sweden this time.

If you name your brand Smooth vodka, then it better be smooth!

Interesting bottle design, but what a whacky name! That’s about what I thought when I picked this one up.

But the vodka was surprisingly good. It was pretty smooth (8/10) and went down quite easily. I felt relieved, because I would have hated for this brand to be called Smooth without actually being smooth. It was good Swedish quality. The aftertaste was pretty neat too (7/10). Like I said, the bottle looked kind of cool, but on second thought I didn’t really like the cork-style cap. It’s just not practical (6/10). Not for transport. Not for storing. The price was okay: this vodka costs about 17€ for 700ml, making it a 7/10.

Smooth vodka is good. Not awesome. But good.

Overall rating: 7.0

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