Snow Queen



a rude beauty

[40%, sampled in Germany]

Snow Queen vodka. This one is from Kazakhstan. Yes, Borat, great success, blabla. I remember seeing Kazakhstan once from the border of China. It was right there behind the customs building, and it felt both scary and intriguing at once.

Snow Queen wants to be top shelf?

Aaaaaanyway, looking at this bottle of Kazakh vodka, I couldn’t help but think of luxury vodka brands like Belvedere or Grey Goose. I don’t know who was inspired by whom in this case, but they all seemed kind of similar. Maybe the bottle design of Snow Queen was a bit less refined, but it seemed to position itself in the top shelf.

the roughness

But let’s talk about what really counts. You know how I am always obsessing about the smoothness of vodka? Well, this one didn’t really have it.

There was a rough quality in the taste of Snow Queen that I somehow liked, even though it was not smooth at all. It felt fiery in the throat, and it immediately created a strong warmth in the stomach. At the same time it was aromatic, I’d even say it was a bit sweet. I don’t exactly know why, but the aftertaste was really awesome.

a question

Only the price of around 25€ for 700ml seemed a bit high.

This was a very interesting vodka brand that you should definitely try. One question remains, though: do people in Kazakhstan drink this stuff a lot?

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