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Number three of the 2018 Sheki vodka experiment, this one was called Sostav vodka, and I didn’t expect anything from it.

Do people drink Sostav vodka at four twenty?

Initially, there were two things that seemed to be particular about this one. Firstly, it cost a tad more than Napoléon or Samovar, as it wasn’t 5 but 6 (!) manat for 500ml. That put it in the 4,5€/700ml range, which was still a 10/10, though.

Secondly, the bottle looked weird. I mean, it looked like a bong. Or maybe not exactly like a bong, but sort of like one. Anyway, I figured that this was probably not intended (though many young people in Baku smoked weed), but that the whole thing had simply been an attempt to create a bottle that looked original. Which it kinda did. I’ll give it a 7/10.

bad butter aroma

Again I have assigned a design score before opening the bottle, only to then realize that there was a safety seal on the cap, and that it had a little inbuilt pourer that was slightly too large. I don’t think this would have changed the score, though.

The vodka itself didn’t seem to have much of a smell. This made me optimistic at first, but then tt tasted cold, but it burned on the way down. That was all. There didn’t seem to be anything special to it. A 6/10.

The aftertaste wasn’t that good, either. There was a taste that took me a while to identify. It was that of rancid butter. Very faint, but still there. A 5/10.

Overall, Sostav vodka had an interesting bottle design, and that was all. A 7.0 that is mainly due to its cheap price.

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