Spasskaya Dal’



cool before drinking

[40%, sampled in Russia]

I try to never cool or chill my vodka, because I want it to retain its original taste. If you get a cheap brand and just want to get drunk, then you can put that stuff in the freezer and have shots that taste a bit like thick ice-water. But I don’t enjoy doing that.

This one, I had it at room temperature, with some nice Russian pickles and some bread and some clear water as a chaser. Like a boss.

solid with a pickle

One thing I liked about this Спасская Даль – Spasskaya Dal’ vodka is that it is produced in the area of Vladivostok, where I was spending my summer at the time.

The vodka was surprisingly smooth, and the aftertaste was alright. It seemed like solid good quality, nothing awesome though.

The bottle had a lack of design that could have been either charming or just plain ugly. On that particular day, I thought it was neither. The pricing was good though, around 10€ for 700ml.

Spasskaya Dal’ doesn’t need to chill

Of course vodka tastes “better” if you cool it down a bit. But that way, the different brands lose their individual character and become hardly distinguishable from each other.

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