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Tried something new the other day: Starka vodka – a Polish brand that has apparently aged 10 years in an oak barrel. Kind of looked like whiskey to me, and I was like: “Well this is going to be nice!” But was optimism really justifiable? Or was I being naive?

Starka vodka proves one fact: vodka doesn’t need to age

Well, turns out I was wrong to be optimistic about this stuff. It wasn’t nice. It smelled weird, and it tasted horrible. I wasn’t sure what it was I was drinking. Was this still supposed to be vodka? Or rather something else?

I’m just going to call it “liquid” here. The liquid didn’t have the round, fulfilling aroma in the aftertaste of a good whiskey (3/10), and it didn’t have the smooth freshness of a good vodka either (3/10). It was just very rough to deal with, and up to now I still have no idea what to mix it with to make it bearable. The design of the bottle looked okay at best (4/10), and the price wasn’t exactly affordable either (25€/700ml: 5/10).

Can anybody tell me what to do with this to make it enjoyable?

Overall rating: 3.75

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  1. Yes, you have to be polish to enjoy high quality product, it is not whiskey as whiskey is the lowest class of achohol. You have to develop higher taste for the highest quality in life and then you can be connoisseur of Starka, Remember STARKA is NOT VODKA, IT is STARKA.


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