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I am listening to Black Flag while I am writing this. “TV Party” is one of the biggest hits ever. Good for drinking or writing about drinking.

As I was going through my vodka findings from Poland, this one somehow appeared before me: Starogardzka vodka. I don’t speak Polish, but the bottle featured a dude called Otto Winkelhausen, so I tried to look him up. I found nothing. At least nothing that had anything to do with vodka. So it seems as though I can’t tell you anything interesting about this one. It is vodka, and it comes in a bottle.

Starogardzka vodka – no more no more no more

The bottle is empty now. Of course I had help with that. Black Flag is telling me that some people are “Thirsty And Miserable”. I hope I’ll never be one of them.

Okay, let’s talk about business: this vodka was insanely cheap: I got it for the equivalent of 5€/500ml. That means 700ml would cost about 7 Euros. Simple math. A big fat 10/10.

Black Flag is smashing away, “Depression” is on and it is tearing at the walls. I am not depressed though. I am happy. The bottle doesn’t look nice, it looks rather cheap. I’ll give it a 3/10. How about the taste though? This stuff was hot, I mean it went down like lava. I’m glad I didn’t have to go through the whole bottle by myself (4/10). Aftertaste? Yeah, it was there. It just wasn’t that good (5/10). “No More” is on now. There is so much aggression in this song.

“Life Of Pain” will be up soon. I am always scared of the guitars in the beginning.

All in all, this was a 5.5.

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