no more no more no more

[37,5%, sampled in Germany]

I’m listening to Black Flag while I’m writing this. “TV Party” is a good song to drink to, and it’s also good for writing about drinking.

who is Otto Winkelhausen?

As I was going through my vodka findings from Poland, this one somehow appeared before me: Starogardzka vodka. I don’t speak Polish, but the bottle design featured a dude called Otto Winkelhausen, so I tried to look him up. I found nothing.

At least nothing that had anything to do with vodka. So it seems as though I can’t tell you anything interesting about Starogardzka. It’s a Polish brand of vodka, and it comes in a bottle.

Starogardzka is miserable

The bottle is empty now. Of course I had some help with that. Henry Rollins (whose book I reviewed here) is telling me that some people are “Thirsty And Miserable”. I hope I’ll never be one of them.

Going through my notes, I’m learning that Starogardzka was hot, and I mean it went down like lava. I’m glad I didn’t have to go through the whole bottle by myself. And the aftertaste? Yeah, it was there. It just wasn’t very good. “No More” is on now. So much aggression in this song.

at least it’s cheap

There’s one good thing about Starogardzka, though: it’s insanely affordable. I got this half liter bottle for the equivalent of 5€. That means 700ml would cost about 7 Euros. Too bad the bottle doesn’t look nice, though. I didn’t like it.

“Life Of Pain” will be up soon. I am always scared of the guitars in the beginning.

All in all, this wasn’t so good.

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