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Столичная Элит – Stolichnaya Elit vodka. Okay, I am a big fan of the original Stolichnaya, so maybe I was expecting miracles from this one, it being so expensive and all.

I am not sure if Stolichnaya Elit vodka is any better than the regular Stoli

First things first: there has to be something special for you to celebrate if you are going to drink a vodka like this. At least that’s the way it is for me. I would always rather spend my money on other things and settle for a bottle of excellent vodka at a reliable price, say a Russian Standard or an Istanblue. It just doesn’t seem to make much sense to forge out a lot more money for something that could not possibly taste a lot better.

But then you never know, right? And if there is something to celebrate, then who cares?

This one was definitely a good vodka.

The taste was smooth and awesome as you would excpect (10/10), the aftertaste was rich and aromatic (10/10). I thought the bottle design with the heavy cap was very cool (8/10), only the price was a bit too elite for my taste: 46€/700ml: 0/10.

Here’s the question though: I am not sure if this was that much better than the regular Stoli. Maybe a tad better, but definitely not worth the extra money.

Overall rating: 7.0

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