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This one is called Stumbras Pure vodka, and it is from Lithuania. I didn’t get it there, though, I bought it on a trip to Poland, thinking it was from there. Looking back, I think I must have looked a bit weird at the grocery store when my whole shopping cart was filled with different vodka bottles. But anyway…

There is something sweet about Stumbras Pure vodka

When I got home and examined my treasure, I was surprised to find that this one was from Lithuania, not from Poland. So I decided to give it a try before some of the others. The label read “Every Perfectly Pure Drop”, and on the back it said “Devotion To Nature” – not bad for a 40% vodka that is going to get you wasted if you finish the bottle, eh? I googled it, and apparently, Stumbras was the biggest distiller in Lithuania, and this was their top product. So how about it, then?

First the price: I got this half liter bottle for 7,50€, making it a 11,25€/750ml and thus a 9/10. The bottle design was okay, I decided to add a point because it had that nice built-in dispenser: 6/10. The stuff tasted good, it wasn’t exactly totally smooth, but there was a sweet note to it that I really liked (8/10). And here is where it got nice: it somehow managed to carry some of that sweetness into its aftertaste (9/10).

This was a good vodka with a sweet note: 7.75.

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