Stumbras Pure



perfectly devoted

[40%, sampled in Germany]

This one is called Stumbras Pure vodka, and it’s from Lithuania. I didn’t get it there, though. I bought it on a trip to Poland where I got myself equipped with a lot of vodka.

Looking back, I must have looked a bit weird at the grocery store with my shopping cart filled with bottles.

boasting labels

When I got home and examined my treasure, I was surprised to find that this one wasn’t from Poland. It was from Lithuania. And since I didn’t have a brand from Lithuania on this site, yet, I decided to give it a try before some of the others.

The label on the front said EVERY PERFECTLY PURE DROP, and on the back it said DEVOTED TO NATURE. Big words.

I looked up Stumbras Pure online, and apparently it’s the biggest distiller in Lithuania, and this is their top product. So how about it, then?

Stumbras Pure tastes a bit sweet

In short: this stuff tasted good. Stumbras Pure isn’t exactly totally smooth, but there is a sweet note to it that I really liked. And here is where it gets nice: it somehow manages to carry some of that sweetness into a pleasant and lasting aftertaste.

The price was good: I got this half liter bottle for 7,50€, making it a 11,25€/750ml. The bottle design was okay, and I decided to add a point because it had that nice built-in dispenser.

This was a good vodka with a sweet note.

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