the north strikes again

[40%, sampled in Germany]

Who would have thought that Svedka vodka was from Sweden? And yet here we are.

I’ve been thinking about some of the difficulties in vodka tasting these days. One problem is that vodka doesn’t differ as much in taste as do other liquors, say whiskey, for example. The differences in taste and aftertaste are much more nuanced, and they often depend on factors that are subject to change, like water quality, for example.

Also, the sensual experience of a certain vodka depends on so many factors besides the quality of the product: your mood, the accompanying food you might be having, your level of intoxication – even what your friends say about the vodka might influence your own opinion. So I think it’s hard to pass judgement based on simple tastings. But what can we do?

Svedka isn’t bad

I gave this one a try anyway. The smoothness was there, while the aftertaste seemed to be a bit dull. The bottle looked good, and the price was affordable (14€/700ml).

I gave Svedka two tries on two different occasions just to be sure, but in the end, “average” is still the description I want to use. Or maybe “slightly above average”.

This is a reliable vodka that might be good in a mixed drink. Like so many others.

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