Tigroff Ginseng



black bottle with tiger scratch marks

[40%, flavored, sampled in Russia]

I remember riding a bus through Vladivostok one day. There was this big guy sitting next to me, and I asked him: “What’s a good vodka?” He only said one word: “Tigroff.”

The big guy was very friendly. He told me his name was Nikita, and I told him that that was one of the coolest names ever. It really is, I wish my name was Nikita!

flavored stuff again

Anyway, I went to the store and got myself a bottle of Tigroff. The design seemed cool (black tiger claw marks FTW!), and I didn’t pay any attention to what else it said on the label. So I accidentally bought a ginseng-flavored vodka. But then again, why the hell not?

Well, the taste was rough, like a tiger uppercut to the jaw. The aftertaste was surprisingly plain (where was the ginseng?). And the best thing was the price (10€ for 700ml).

Tigroff Ginseng vodka is tough

This wasn’t one of the best vodkas I’d ever had. But when I look at the bottle, it makes me think of Vladivostok. I think Tigroff Ginseng is a vodka for big guys with cool names.

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