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Hm… more stuff from the paper bag: this one is called Tito’s vodka.

How a distillery called Tito’s vodka made a name for itself

This one is a Texan vodka that claims to be “handmade” – I figured it had something to do with the distilling process. Maybe it’s processed in a relatively small distillery or something? I am wondering about that.

Anyway, the Tito’s brand has a real nice website that says “I love Texas… and I love vodka.” There is a picture of a dude (the owner?) with his three dogs, each of which is sporting a Tito’s kerchief. I liked this personal touch. Like I have said before, vodka heavily relies on its brand image. And here was a brand that made itself seem friendly and approachable to its customers.

Maybe that was part of the secret?

The vodka itself tasted alright. It wasn’t as awesome as you’d expect from something “handmade”, but it wasn’t bad either. In fact it was rather smooth, I would say (7/10), if only lacking a bit in character (6/10). I liked the bottle design (7/10), and the price was good too (around 13€/700ml: 8/10).

This is a good quality vodka. It works very well in mixed drinks.

Overall rating: 7.0

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