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typical nordic vodka

[40%, sampled in Germany]

Yay, I had the chance to try another vodka from the North the other day: Vikingfjord vodka! And what a name it had – could it have been any more Nordic at all? Maybe if someone managed to sneak the words Odin or Thor in there.

When I set eyes upon this one at first first, I thought there was something cool about the bottle. And with cool, I actually mean “cold”, like a chip from an iceberg. Or maybe that’s just my own over-interpretation because of the name: Vikingfjord. From Norway.

Vikingfjord vodka is smooth

The vodka itself was good. It tasted pretty smooth – actually, it seemed almost a bit too smooth for something advertised using the word “viking”. But anyway. The aftertaste was less good, mainly because it didn’t seem to have any particular aroma.

I thought the bottle design was alright, and the price wasn’t so bad, either (ca 17€/700ml).

Much like Absolut, this one is good for mixed drinks.

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