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Yay, I had the chance to try another vodka from the North the other day: Vikingfjord vodka! And what a name it had, could it have been any more Nordic at all? Maybe if someone managed to sneak the name Odin or Thor in there. And there should be a hammer or a battle-axe on the label somewhere, just to be sure nobody thinks that this is from Hawaii or the Maledives or something. No, it is from the North! It’s from the fjord where all the vikings hang out. From the Vikingfjord!

In a way, Vikingfjord vodka is your typical nordic vodka

When I set eyes upon it first, I thought there was something cool about this bottle. And with cool, I actually mean “cold”, like a chip from an iceberg. Or maybe that’s just my own over-interpretation because of the name: Vikingfjord. From Norway.

The vodka itself was good, tasted pretty smooth (8/10). Only thing I have to say is that the aftertaste didn’t seem that original (7/10). The bottle design is kind of cool (6/10), and the price isn’t that bad either (ca 17€/700ml: 7/10).

Much like Absolut, this one is good for mixed drinks.

Overall rating: 7.0

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