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This is Vivat vodka, and it’s also from Kyrgyzstan. In fact, the next few vodka brands are ALL going to be from the Kyrg. I really should have updated the blog earlier, but it doesn’t matter: I have a bunch of pictures of vodka bottles here, along with some notes I took while drinking them.

For this one, I went back to the same shop that hald sold me Ozon and told the guy that I needed more. More!

Only this time, I wanted to try a different brand.

Vivat vodka will get you, eh… drunk

The guy didn’t have any recommendations this time. So I just grabbed some Vivat because I liked the name. It means something like “yay!” in Latin, and to me, this meant that it was probably just more happy or more healthy than other vodka brands.

I opened it at night with a few new friends at the place I was staying. There were cups, and there was a tray to place the cups on. I filled them up, got some peperoni, then we started drinking.

First things first. This one cost about the same price as Ozon (180 som for a 500ml bottle: 4€/700ml – a definite 10/10). The bottle design, well, what can I say, I didn’t find it terribly attractive (4/10). The stuff itself was alright though. It was not as smooth as Ozon (7/10) and not quite as nice in the aftertaste (6/10), but it wasn’t bad after all.

I got drunk. A little bit. Until someone came up with some Kyrgyz chewing tobacco. I placed it under my lip and felt it burn. Then I got very happy. Then my arms got very heavy. Then I discretely went to the restroom and bent over the sink.


This is a 6.75

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