will get you drunk

[40%, sampled in Kyrgyzstan]

This is Vivat vodka, and it’s also from Kyrgyzstan. In fact, the next few vodka brands are ALL going to be from KG. I really should have updated the blog earlier, but it doesn’t matter: I have a bunch of pictures of vodka bottles here, along with some notes I took while drinking them.

no recommendations

For this one, I went back to the same shop that had sold me Ozon and told the vendor that I needed more. More!

Only this time, I wanted to try a different brand.

He didn’t have any recommendations this time. So I just grabbed some Vivat because I liked the name. It means something like “yay!” in Latin, and to me, this meant that it was probably more happy than other vodka brands.

Vivat isn’t as yay as its name suggests

I opened it at night with a few new friends at the place where I was staying. There were cups, and there was a tray upon which to place them. I filled up the cups and cut some pepperoni, then I went around with the tray and we started drinking.

The stuff itself was alright. Vivat isn’t as smooth as Ozon, but the initial taste is okay. The aftertaste isn’t very aromatic or refined, but it warms the stomach, and it didn’t make me sick. Initially.

The bottle design, well, what can I say, I didn’t find it terribly attractive. The price was about the same as that of Ozon: 180 som for a 500ml bottle: 4€/700ml.

never mix with chewing tobacco

I got drunk. A little bit. Everything was okay until someone came up with some Kyrgyz chewing tobacco.  He told me to place it under my lip and feel it burn. So I did that. I felt very happy. Then my arms got very heavy. Then I discretely went to the restroom and bent over the sink.


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