I can’t be fair

[40%, sampled in Germany]

Whenever I hear the word “vox”, I immediately think of that terrible, terrible singer who calls himself “Bono Vox”. I dislike him so much I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe I should rant about him.

rant about Bono

[begin rant] I mean, his musical output is so bad it should be considered a crime against humanity. And what the hell was he doing lecturing democratically elected politicians in Davos? But yeah, keep hanging out with George W. Bush, Bono! But there is more: not only has his band been torturing our ears for so many years with their definition of “stadium rock”, they are also suspected of shifting large amounts of money away from the fiscal authorities in Ireland. Pay your fucking taxes, Bono! Not to mention that his sunglasses make me want to smash them with an inflatable hammer. Seriously, I dislike Bono so much, I was seriously considering turning The Longest Way into a “Walk Against Bono”. Why? Because fuck him, that’s why. [stop rant]

Vox is a bit harsh

Sorry about the rant. Don’t take me seriously. You have the right to “hum rattle and roll” all you want, nobody can take that away from you.

Back to the V though. Vox works okay in a mixed drink, but if you consume it neat and at room temperature (like I do with every vodka that I taste), it’s a bit harsh. Also, it doesn’t have much of an aroma in the aftertaste.

The bottle looks okay, the price was a bit higher than I expected though: 19€ for 700m.

I hope this verdict has not been tainted by my disgust for one of the most innocent words: Vox!

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