Vysota Luxe



not really deluxe

[40%, sampled in Germany]

This one is called Высота Люкс – Vysota Luxe vodka. It has the word “deluxe” in its name.

I got it at the Russian store around the corner. This time I just pointed at the bottle on the shelf and bought it. I knew that there was no use asking the owners if it was any good – they wouldn’t know, because they only liked cognac.

Vysota Luxe is decent

So I carried the bottle home and opened it with a few friends. I didn’t know what to expect. With “deluxe” in the name, it could have been anything. And it was decent.

Vysota Luxe vodka has a smooth feel. That’s about all I can say about it, because there was no significant aroma in the aftertaste. I guess that’s still good enough to call it a decent vodka. Decent, not great.

The bottle looked okay to me, and the pricing was awesome (10€/700ml).

about the name

I guess I wouldn’t have called this brand Vysota Luxe, instead I would have dropped the “deluxe” part. It’s a decent vodka. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s not bad either. Isn’t that enough?

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