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Overall Rating: 7.5
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Wyborowa Exquisite vodka. The very first thing you notice about this one is the bottle design: my friend Max intelligently pointed out that he would have preferred the cap to be the same diameter as the bottle, but we still agreed that it looked pretty nice: 7/10.

Poland is good at making vodka, and Wyborowa Exquisite vodka is one of its better brands

Since I told you about websites when I tried Baykal the other day – Wyborowa Exquisite’s site features Polish rock tunes and an awesome feature where you can hear people pronounce the brand name in different languages and in different moods. There’s even a Japanese dude in there. Awesome!

Okay, but let’s not forget to talk about vodka and vodka and more vodka.

This stuff was actually pretty great (especially after having some other kind of lower-grade vodka before)! I was surprised how smooth it was (9/10)! And it managed to have an aftertaste that was aromatic and warming, close to perfect (9/10)!

The only downside is that this vodka doesn’t come cheap, you have to fork out 28€ for 700ml (5/10).

But it’s worth it if you drink it at room temperature, like you would with any fine vodka!

Overall rating: 7.5

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