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Hailing from Switzerland, this Xellent vodka stuff is apparently made from glacial water. Here I am thinking, who wouldn’t want to drink some of the stuff that covers the Alps? Awesome idea!

Xellent vodka is a bit expensive, but you would probably expect that from a Swiss vodka

Again, vodka marketing is not so much about the taste of the product, but about brand image. You have to somehow make your customers believe that they are buying into some sort of lifestyle. Some brands are leaning towards a more traditional approach (Green Mark, for example), while others cater to the party crowd (like Three Sixty)

This Swiss brand is apparently going the way of Kauffman or Bavarka – offer a luxury product that stands on its own (not being part of a product line with different price levels like Stolichnaya Elit, for example).

Xellent was one of the sweetest vodkas I have ever tried. Probably even sweeter than Cîroc or Bavarka. And it was smooth, too (10/10). The aftertaste was close to perfect, lacking only a bit in warmth (9/10). I did enjoy the bottle design (8/10), but I frowned at the price tag (34€/700ml: 4/10).

This is an excellent vodka (no pun intended).

Overall rating: 7.75

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