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Crystal Head vodka. This Canadian brand is run by none other than TV’s favorite ufologist/whackjob Dan Akroyd, and it is rumored to have a particularly wide following among those who aim to turn the bottle into a smoking device.

Why everyone should have a bottle of Crystal Head vodka at home

How lucky I was that I hadn’t seen that infamous new Indiana Jones movie yet – my desire to drink from any sort of Crystal Head would have been instantly squashed! Yes, sometimes ignorance is bliss. My friends had told me to never, ever watch that movie (should have listened to them).

Anyway, apart from the epic bottle design (10/10), the vodka itself is pretty good. It is about as smooth as Nemiroff or Absolut (7/10), meaning it is of solid quality, only the aftertaste lacks some aroma (6/10). Obviously, the price for anything that comes in a bottle this awesome is pretty high (44€/700ml: 1/10).

I think you will be getting this one for the bottle, not for the vodka itself. So you could chill it or put it in a mixed drink, it’s all good. Then either use the Crystal Head to smoke (if that’s your thing) or to store other liquids in it (preferably awesome ones).

Overall rating: 6.0

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